Tuesday 29 May 2012
Sustainable Development

Rio+20 Earth Summit

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The Rio+20 Earth Summit will be a milestone in the ongoing international efforts to implement sustainable development. The UIC Sustainability Unit has been engaged with the United Nations in its preparations for Rio+20 for over a year, and has developed a programme of activities at the actual Earth Summit with support and comments from members of the Energy, Environment and Sustainability Platform and associated working groups.

UIC and partner organisations have developed a strong set of activities for Rio+20, organised around the theme “Sustainable Transport in the Cities of the Future”.

For more information visit the UIC web site:

If your company is planning to have representation in Rio, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange coordination and to take part in the UIC events.

Event 1: Side Event - Sustainable Transport in the Cities of the Future

Date/Time: Friday 15 June, 1330 – 1500
Venue: RioCentro, Room T-5

This event will look at the sustainability challenges facing urban areas today and in the future, and how sustainable transport can meet these challenges. The keynote speaker is the President of FeTranspor (the Federation of Passenger Transport Companies of the State of Rio de Janeiro) and other speakers include UIC, UITP, UNIFE, the Japan International Transport Institute, and Holger Dolkmann, Director, EMBARQ/WRI.
Online registration (note – this event is in the secure conference zone and you must be registered for the Rio+20 conference to attend):

Event 2: Half-Day Workshop - Sustainable Transport in the Cities of the Future

Date/Time: Tuesday 19 June 0900 – 1400
Venue: FeTranspor, Rua da Assembléia, 10, Centro – Rio de Janeiro

This half-day workshop is intended for transport professionals, national government and UN officials, journalists and other stakeholders, to showcase ways in which transport can contribute to a green economy. Keynote speakers are the President of FeTranspor, the President of Brazilian railway association EDLP, and a high-level speaker from the United Nations (invited).
Online registration (this event is open to all):

Event 3: Evening Reception: Sustainable Transport in the Cities of the Future

Date/Time: Tuesday 19 June, 1900 – 2200
Venue: Pestana Rio Atlântica Hotel. Av. Atlântica, 2964 Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

UIC, UNIFE, UITP and the SLOCAT Partnership invite you to a high-level evening cocktail reception for diplomats, UN officials, national government representatives, transport professionals and the media. The event will celebrate the many different Voluntary Commitments that have been developed by the sustainable transport sector, coordinated by the SLOCAT partnership. Short remarks by the hosts will be followed by a speech from the very special Guest of Honour, then plenty of time for networking with colleagues.

Online registration (this event is open to all – limited places):

In addition, UIC will be speaking at a side event on 14 June on financing railway projects, and at a separate workshop on electric mobility organised by the UN on 18 June as well.

For more information please contact: sustainability@uic.org

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