Tuesday 5 June 2012
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Two new publications in the field of ERTMS

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The UIC Terminology and the UIC Rail System Department are pleased to inform you of two new publications in the field of ERTMS.

ATLAS of ERTMS implementations

The UIC ERTMS Atlas was published for the first time in 2007, with a second version issued in 2009. This atlas is the result of a joint venture between UIC and UNIFE aiming to merge the UIC ERTMS database with the UNIFE ERTMS database to avoid inaccuracies and provide a more realistic representation of ERTMS and ETCS equipment throughout the world. Since 2009 UIC has been managing an ERTMS database with all the data on ERTMS lines and ETCS trains currently in commercial service, subject to pilot tests, under construction, contracted out or at the planning stage across the world.

  • Author: UIC - Rail System Department
  • Date of issue: 2012
  • Available in English, 258 pages including 107 maps generated using GIS and more than 200 pictures

ERTMS Glossary

This glossary was initiated by the International Union of Railways (UIC) in order to meet a recurrent need faced by UIC members and by others working in the railway signalling sector. There is no escaping the fact that ERTMS as a system was designed and conceived in the English language. Many terms are thus unfamiliar and their meaning ill-understood in other languages. The UIC Control-Command, Signalling and Operations Sector therefore decided to compile a selection of the approximately 600 core English ERTMS terms which are used in the various formal or informal lexicons, and to define them with support from international experts specialising in ERTMS. This “dictionary” was then translated into French and German in order to meet a need for the precision and rigour which are vital in all matters pertaining to railway safety.

  • Author: UIC - Terminology
  • Date of issue: 2012
  • Trilingual publication (English, German, French) 192 pages

Both publications are on sale on the website of Railway Technical Publications (ETF):


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(ETF Publication 2012 ©)