Wednesday 20 June 2012

Launch of the UIC Multimedia Library, a tool to give prominence to members’ achievements

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The Communications Department is pleased to inform you that the Media Library’s (“Mediacenter”) website is now open:

The UIC media library is a new tool for distributing and archiving multimedia documents (mainly photographs and videos) and is reserved for UIC members.

The media library, now operational, has been designed to receive photographs and videos from UIC members. Its aim is to highlight their most significant and recent achievements. The contributions provided by members – that are essential to the development of this new tool – will thus enable the existing collection to be enlarged.

The media library, which can be accessed from the UIC website (, by selecting “Information Search” from the “Products and Services” menu), aims to illustrate the various UIC communications materials using photos and videos reflecting the successes of UIC members in the areas of passenger transport, freight, rolling stock, stations, staff and technical installations, etc.

These photographs and videos can also be made available to UIC members upon request, with the agreement of the member concerned. UIC members need to formally specify if the use of their materials should be restricted to the UIC Communications Department or whether their photographic and audiovisual documents can be sent to other members.

A manual explaining how to upload the photographs and videos sent by UIC members – as well as a form on how to use the photographs and videos – are available on request from This form should systemically accompany all the documents that members send to UIC.

There are currently over 1000 photos available on the site, over 700 of which relate to UIC-organised events (statutory meetings, high speed conferences, GRFC, publicity campaigns, etc.). Thanks to regular contributions from UIC members, the collection will be significantly enlarged.

The site offers various search modes: via a simple or advanced mode, or a classification system.

The photographs available to consult on the site are deliberately protected by a watermark in order to protect copyright infringements. You will only be able to access high-definition (non-watermarked) documents if you order them. This order will be validated by the administrator according to how you wish to use these documents.

Practical information:

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