Wednesday 20 June 2012
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Switzerland: Swiss Railways focus on renewable energy

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As of 2025 at the latest, trains operated by Swiss Railways (SBB) will use electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Today, the share of sustainable energy comes to 75%. The current share of nuclear energy will be reduced and its reduction compensated for by a whole host of energy-saving measures. In addition, SBB will cover any increase in need exclusively with sustainable energy. SBB will upgrade its hydro-electric power plants, buy more renewable energy and optimise its network of traction current.

Thanks to these measures, SBB supports the Swiss Confederation’s 2050 energy strategy by increasing energy efficiency, improving the security of the country’s energy supply by upgrading its hydro-electric power plants and contributing to the supply of renewable energy. Thanks to the expanding range of railway services that will be made possible by the increase in energy efficiency, SBB will reduce Switzerland’s CO2 emissions and energy consumption. Those who travel by train rather than by car consume four times less energy and produce 20 times less CO2. SBB carries 17% of Switzerland’s passenger traffic and 38% of its freight traffic using only 4% of the energy consumed by the whole of the transport sector.

(Source: SBB)

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