Tuesday 30 October 2012
Rail Security

Great success of the 8th UIC World Congress on Railway Security

“Bratislava Concluding Statement”

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The 8th UIC World Congress on Railway Security, which was held in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, from 25 – 26 October 2012, was a great success. More than 120 delegates from 26 countries (Africa, America, Asia and Europe) attended the event, representing the major players involved in rail and transport security issues: railway security managers, representatives of international organisations, the rail supply industry, and universities.

Jointly organised between UIC and Slovakian Railways ZSSK, ZSSK Cargo and ZSR, this important Congress mainly dedicated to the role of human factors in railway security strategies decided to disseminate the main results already available in UIC leaflet form and to continue the work on this topic with the interested UIC members. It highlighted the importance of the European research projects in order to enable the railways to be better prepared for future security challenges.

The final demonstration of the Protectrail project (which held its mid-term conference the day before the Congress), will take place in Poland during the last quarter of 2013.
Beside the permanent work and the running of the working bodies of the security platform which remain open to UIC members, some important events are already planned for 2013: a Security and Safety seminar in Morocco organised with ONCF, a working seminar on the security of high speed systems organised in cooperation with the Transportation Security Administration ( USA) and the 9th UIC World Security Congress organised in France in cooperation with SNCF during the last quarter of 2013.

The following concluding statement of the Congress was unanimously adopted by the participants.

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