Tuesday 4 December 2012
Noise Reduction / Switzerland

Switzerland: Federal Council wants to provide better protection for trackside residents against railway noise

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On 30 November the Swiss Federal Council decided on a number of additional measures to tackle noise pollution from railway transport. In its message to the Parliament, it specifically calls for new noise emission limits for freight wagons. As a result, noisy freight wagons will not be allowed to operate on the Swiss railway network from 2020. This measure, along with others, will provide protection against excessive railway noise for as many as 220,000 people (up from 170,000). The project was generally well received during the consultation process.

The main measure henceforth decided by the Federal Council is a new noise level which will prohibit the operation of wagons fitted with cast-iron brake blocks from 2020. These new limit values are among the measures which are far most likely to provide improved protection for trackside residents against noise from rail traffic.

(Source: Swiss Conferedation)

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