Tuesday 4 December 2012
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UIC Passenger Department visits Seoul station to exchange state-of-the-art in KORAIL station development

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On 21 November 2012, Director of UIC Passenger Department, Ignacio Barron, visited Seoul station to exchange state-of-the-art knowledge in station development in Korea, and also discuss potential collaboration in the field of UIC’s station-related activities with senior managers including Mrs Kim, Yang-Sook, stationmaster of KORAIL’s Seoul station.

Mrs Kim warmly welcomed him and explained the main development plans of Seoul station. If fact, she was recently appointed as the first female stationmaster of Seoul station in 113 years of Korean railway history.

During the meeting, Mr Barron gave a presentation to KORAIL on a number of UIC’s global activities including the Station Manager Group and Next Station Conference. In return, Mrs Kim expressed a great deal of interest in the activities of Passenger Department, and described the recent progress of design management which is one of KORAIL’s key projects initiated by Mr Chung, Chang-Young, CEO of KORAIL.

Both parties were very pleased with the results of the meeting and agreed to look for further opportunities for mutual collaboration in the future.

For further information, please contact Ignacio Barron, Director of the UIC Passenger Department: barron@uic.org

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