Tuesday 5 February 2013
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ČD puts 242 vehicles into operation at a cost of nearly CZK 8 billion

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2012 was a successful year with respect to the modernisation of ČD’s rolling stock. A total of 242 locomotives, individual carriages and electric and diesel multiple unit carriages were put into operation at a cost of c. CZK 7.7 billion (c. € 300 million). In addition to modernisations, deliveries also began of completely new trains for regional transport, such as multiple units from the RegioPanter family and diesel RegioShark units.

Characteristics of the new vehicles include bright, modern, well-arranged interiors, low-floor configurations, accessibility (including WCs), modern audio-visual information systems, and doors which are easy to operate using buttons yet securely locked while the vehicle is in motion. The cabins are air-conditioned, and in selected seats there are 230V 50Hz electrical outlets for charging small electronic devices, e.g. mobile telephones and laptops. RegioPanter and RegioShark multiple units are equipped with a WiFi internet connection.

Modernised vehicles have new, pleasant interiors as well, with textile seat covers and new closed-system WCs. Passengers also have space available for storing prams, bicycles and voluminous luggage. In long-distance transport, modernised carriages are equipped with air conditioning and 230 V electrical outlets for charging passengers’ small electronic devices.

New electric multiple units from the RegioPanter and CityElefant families manufactured by Škoda have been introduced, as have diesel RegioShark multiple units manufactured by PESA (LINK II) and Regio-Shuttle RS1 multiple units manufactured by Stadler. Among the modernised carriages are, for example, class Bfhpvee control cars, class Bbdgmee passenger carriages for express transport, WRmee restaurant carriages and Regionova low-floor diesel multiple units.

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