Tuesday 12 February 2013
Security and Research

Secret project website has now been launched at http://www.secret-project.eu

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SECRET, which started in August 2012 for a duration of three years, is a research project selected by the European Commission as part of the 4th transport call for proposals under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development. SECRET addresses the protection of railway infrastructure against Electromagnetic (EM) attacks. Due to its familiarity and ease of access, railway infrastructure could be also a target for EM attacks with extended economic and security consequences.

UIC will play a key role in the dissemination of the project results. The UIC secret website is designed and managed jointly by the UIC communications department and the UIC security division.

For further information please consult this newly-created website at

For further information please contact Marie-Hélène Bonneau: bonneau@uic.org

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