Tuesday 12 March 2013
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Australia: CRC contributes to research training

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The Cooperative Research Centre Association (CRCA) has recently released a report entitled ‘The CRC Contribution of Research Training – Report of a Scoping Study for the Cooperative Research Centres Association’. Commissioned by the CRCA, and prepared by the University of Melbourne, the study investigated the definition and measurement of CRC contributions to research training.

The study found that CRCs are the 12th largest provider of research training nationally by overall research student load. In partnership with universities, CRCs represent the 98th largest provider of doctoral completions. The study also identified the average number of candidates per CRC by student load in 2010 was 25.

The CRC for Rail Innovation has a target of 75 higher research degree student completions, and to date 79 have been enrolled in Masters and PhD programmes with a total of 22 already having submitted their thesis.

CRCA Research Training Report (PDF)

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