Friday 5 April 2013
UIC Chairmanship

Message from UIC Chairman Vladimir Yakunin

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Dear UIC members,

Dear colleagues,

First of all I would like to thank all members of the International Union of Railways and the employees of its Headquarters for the trust that you provided with regard to my nomination for the post of Chairman of one of the world’s most respected international transport organisations, established more than 90 years ago.

No other international transport organisation can boast of such a rich history. That is why the roadmap of my chairmanship will be defined by the loyalty to the traditions and principles which were used by the prominent railway sector representatives who chaired UIC.

During recent years we have witnessed dramatic changes caused by globalisation, world economic crisis, the onrush of electronic technologies, security challenges and other processes. These problems stimulate us to look for new approaches to increase the competitiveness of railway transport and its further integration into the systems of international trade and tourism.

With account for this the main goals of my chairmanship will be to increase UIC’s effectiveness for its members – railway companies across the world and strengthen its authority as a respected global professional organisation on the international arena.

Three principles which will be the basis for the relationship between the Chairman and UIC members and headquarters, other international organisations and the business community, as well as public representatives and mass media, are:

- Openness at any time for any important problems for a constructive dialog with all members of UIC and heads of other international organisations,

- Transparency based on the accessibility of the information about the work of the UIC Chairman and also the availability of feedback to all UIC members, international organisations and mass media,

- Involvement, meaning practical input from the Chairman, where possible, in solving vital problems of UIC in its key activities.

Railway transport can play a more important role which belongs to it justly in the international trade system and in ensuring mobility for people.

Development of container technologies and through logistics, “dry ports”, high-speed passenger transportation, information technologies on railways, integration of railways into the public transport systems of urban agglomerations, as well as many other modern approaches will make it possible for railways to take due place in the transport services market in the situation of stiff competition with other transport modes. It is within our power, if we plan and coordinate our actions.

Helping to achieve these goals should be made through more active cooperation of UIC with other international organisations, UN structures in the first place, where the new transport policy is being outlined and thus the development prospects for transport systems are defined for the coming decades. And the voice of UIC on a multilateral level should become more significant. Obviously, the cooperation with leading international organisations for the benefit of railway business should bear a noticeably more dynamic character.

More active regional interaction is another key area of work. Regional assemblies of UIC have a tremendous development potential. We can offer railways of different regions of the world a whole range of cooperation areas which will be interesting for everybody – safety and security issues, intermodal transportation, integration into logistics chains, international tourism etc. This can further find its continuation as new projects of UIC with a global status predetermined by the importance of tasks to be solved for every railway company in any region.

Dear Colleagues,

The main areas of my work as UIC Chairman are stated in the conceptual document which you will be able to access on our organisation’s website in the near future.

In conclusion I would like again to express my hope for dynamic and fruitful cooperation with you!

Sincerely yours,

Vladimir Yakunin
UIC Chairman

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