Friday 19 April 2013

Joint meeting of UIC and OSJD Passenger Commissions / JSC “FPC” seminar for travel document innovation development (Kolin, Czech Republic, 9 – 12 April 2013)

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The meeting was held in Kolin, Czech Republic, with the participation of several countries, which are both members of UIC and OSJD from Europe and Asia.

Technical experts discussed issues related to the development of reservation and information systems and joint leaflets of UIC/OSJD related to passenger transport.
Marc Guigon, UIC representative and Mrs Irina Petrunina participated to present the UIC MERITS and PRIFIS to OSJD members. The advantages of MERITS/PRIFIS bring developments to the quality of service and level of sales for each participant and on a global scale.

Most OSJD members use the same reservation and distribution system which could be adapted to MERITS/PRIFIS, based on UIC leaflets.

Today Russia has already expressed a willingness to join the MERITS/PRIFIS community, which could be a first step and example for other CIS countries. The MoU is to be signed in Kazan, Russia, during the seminar devoted to Innovation Technologies in Distribution Systems.

Mr Victor Kashanau, Chairman of the OSJD Commission on Passenger Traffic, expressed his interest and support to develop future integration within the UIC MERITS/PRIFIS community and to look for other subjects of collaboration, such as station management and high speed development. It was agreed to organise a joint UIC-OSJD seminar in 2014 in Paris. The date and programme will be confirmed during the next meeting from 10 – 12 September 2013, in Warsaw.

OSJD members were invited to participate in the next UIC events which are Training on High Speed Systems, from 3 – 7 June in Paris, and in the Next Station Conference 2013, which will be organised by RZD from 17 – 18 October.

For further information please contact Marc Guigon, UIC Senior Advisor Passengers:

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