Tuesday 21 May 2013
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U.S.A: Amtrak promotes safety and security with animated video for kids

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Amtrak is launching a fun, animated video to educate kids about rail safety and security.
The K9 video features animated talking dog characters explaining the ability of K9 teams to use their heightened sense of smell to detect suspicious vapors. In addition, the video teaches kids how to be safer around trains, railroad tracks and stations.
“All our passengers play an instrumental role in providing safe and secure rail travel and we are excited to include our younger passengers in that effort,” said Amtrak Police Chief Polly Hanson. “Whether it is keeping your bag with you at all times or calling in a safety tip, we all have a part in creating a safe travel environment.”

The eight-minute video is available at Amtrak.com and YouTube, and can be used as an educational outreach tool. It was shown and distributed at select community events across the country as part of National Train Day on May 11, 2013.

(Source: Amtrak)

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