Tuesday 4 June 2013
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Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways and UIC Chairman, opens the VIII International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520”

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The VIII International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520,” a traditional platform for discussions between leaders of the railway business in Europe and Asia, opened on 30 May 2013 in Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana). Over 1000 delegates attended, including representatives of political leadership in Russia, the European Union, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, industrialists and heads of multinational corporations, financiers, academics, and representatives of civil society.

The main idea of the forum was to promote a coordinated approach for the development of the Russian gauge (1520 mm) railway sector in the interest of ensuring its leading position in the global market for freight and passenger traffic.

Opening the forum, Mr Yakunin delivered a message from Russian President Vladimir Putin:

This forum has deservedly become one of the key business events and always attracts the largest railway, industrial, and construction companies, as well as strategic investors from Russia and foreign countries. The focus should be on introducing modern logistics and management schemes, the large-scale use of advanced technologies, strengthening public–private partnerships, and investment in long-term programmes."

Mr Yakunin, in his address to the participants of the forum, stated the following:

I am especially pleased that many of those present, including our foreign colleagues and partners, see it as a key opportunity to strengthen business relationships and friendships. This is confirmed by the high level of participants. We appreciate that our friendship is growing stronger.”

According to the President of Russian Railways, a wide range of specialised experts of the highest levels would consider the full range of railway transport and ensure relevance not only for the areas where Russian gauge is used, but also for Europe.

Obviously, we are all interested in the same things,”

said Mr Yakunin,

first and foremost, the formation of a business model for national carriers, the organisational structure of the rail market, and the development of international transport corridors."

According to him, no railway market, especially an integrated one, can exist without a synchronised system of traffic management and the availability of necessary transport and logistics infrastructures.

In our discussions we will take into account the conclusions of a number of serious analytical and scientific studies conducted both in Russia and abroad and try to make an objective evaluation of the efficiency of a rail carrier with a vertically integrated structure and its impact on the level of competition in industry”

said Mr Yakunin.

UIC participated in this Forum through a video message given by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General.


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The International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520” is the main event of the year in the railway industry and a platform for discussions among leaders of the railway business in Europe and Asia. It is the largest business meeting of leaders in the Russian-gauge railway business.

The forum focuses its decision-making process on all important aspects of the functioning of the railway complex, including the optimisation of the transportation process, the modernisation of transport infrastructure, investment, and the production of modern rolling stock.
The event has over 20 different formats and interactive discussions among ministers, legislators, heads of relevant government bodies, companies, train operators, transport engineering companies, freight forwarders, and the management of Russian Railways and other national railway administrations.
The VIII International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520” was held in Sochi (Krasnaya Polyana) from 29 – 31 May 2013.
The organiser of the forum was Business Dialogue; Russian Railways is a general partner.

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02. Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways and UIC Chairman, opens the VIII International Rail Business Forum “Strategic Partnership 1520" in Sochi