Tuesday 2 July 2013
UIC Statutory Meetings

Publication of the UIC Strategic Action Plan Asia-Pacific

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The Asia-Pacific (AP) region of UIC has approximately 370,000 kilometres of rail network. The network has many missing links and is quite heterogeneous.

The development of a regional working component, as part of the global dimensioning of UIC, commenced in 2007 and was clearly defined within the new UIC statutes in 2009. The Strategic Action Plan for UIC Asia 2009 had been developed at a time to meet the specific needs of the Asian region.

Then, the Asia-Pacific region had four years of working experience. It should now be updated based on the experience of the past years considering the forthcoming challenges and new opportunities. This objective is to raise feasible and pragmatic actions from 2013 to 2016 with common interest for the 30 members of the Asia-Pacific region as the plan to implement the Strategy of UIC Asia-Pacific development up to 2025 is considered. The duplication of work should also be avoided.

Therefore, this Strategic Action Plan will be traced every year and can be slightly reviewed/updated in line with the real situation.

This process will ensure that the AP region will be more active and more developed.

You can find this UIC publication here:

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