Tuesday 2 July 2013
Asset Management

Save the Date! Asset Management Global Seminar

3 – 4 October 2013, Paris UIC HQ

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The Asset Management Global Seminar organised by UIC and with the collaboration of SNCF will be held from 3 – 4 October 2013, in Paris, UIC HQ. The two-day seminar will include a technical visit to SNCF and a social event. Participants will have the opportunity to learn and discuss “Professional Asset Management”.

Railway Asset Managers and Experts in the field will be able to hold debates with UIC Asset Management Working Group members, high-level railway staff responsible for AM from Europe and overseas, representatives of IAM, AM from other sectors.

It is important to develop professional Asset Management in Railway Infrastructure
Organisations by:

  • Promoting exchange of information between UIC AMWG and worldwide members
  • Benchmarking on costs and performance
  • Exchanging best practice
  • Restructuring Infrastructure Management organisations, through producing a number of different Asset Management Strategies

IMs need to exercise strong control over large expenditure areas and justify their costs to stakeholders (State, Regulators, Railway Undertakings, the public) by making correct investments, renewal and maintenance decisions which can have a long-term impact (requiring the best use of data, tools and instruments).

The main aspects of Asset Management consist in meeting stakeholder interests, by exploring them explicitly and translating them into companies objectives, finding a balance between the requirements and the overall (lifecycle) cost (regarding the expected line performance) by applying risk management and consequently linking activities to the companies objectives, managing the company in a fully transparent way by means of an explicitly traceable analysis by taking all relevant aspects and activities into account

UIC is the best platform to facilitate the development and exchange of knowledge with respect to Asset management for railways in order to:

  • Define a common, railway specific framework for asset management activities
  • Exchange best practice when applying “Asset Management” principles
  • Foster exchange of asset management good practices
  • Develop cost and performance benchmarking
  • Use common key performance indices (KPI) referred to asset management
  • Develop a standardised AM-process based on the life cycle of assets
  • Share innovative views on organization, knowledge and education
  • Introduce standardised procedures for the efficiency of the whole life cycle of the physical assets. (Further ISO standards 55000 series)
  • Define a self assessment questionnaire and methodology for railways asset managers
  • Develop a railway specific ISO 55000 application guide
  • Develop a railway specific maturity self assessment questionnaire based on the UIC Asset Management framework and inspired by the self assessment tool of IAM (institution of Asset Management)
  • Develop Asset specifications methods to facilitate the future Asset Management application
  • Promote professional Asset Management

The UIC Asset Management Group has produced the “Guidelines for the asset management of railway infrastructures”, a framework to help infrastructure managers to develop asset management within their own organisations and to compare their performance with similar organisations.

Register here: http://www.uic.org/spip.php?article3133


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