Tuesday 2 July 2013
UIC Statutory Meetings

UIC Regional Assembly for Europe

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The European Management Committee (EMC) and the Regional Assembly Europe (RAE) met in Paris on 26 June.

Chaired by Guillaume Pepy, the EMC debated a number of issues and proposed the following decisions to the RAE at which these conclusions were ratified:

Research and Innovation

  • Validated the UIC representation on the ERRAC steering board of Jean-Pierre Loubinoux and Pierre Messulam (SNCF)
  • Took note of the proposals that RCG (Research Coordination Group) has passed to ERRAC for the first call of the Horizon 2020 programme
  • With regard to the Shift²Rail initiative, the meeting approved the proposed collegiate approach and mandated the UIC to formally engage with the initiators on how this approach would work
  • Approved the projects considered as essential within the European work programme 2014
  • Validated a number of improvements to the project management process, from which a new project sheet will be introduced with effect from January 2014 in preparation for the 2015 work programme

Strategic Development

  • Approved the planned evolution of the Challenge 2050 vision through the development of a rail technical strategy for Europe that is scheduled to be published in 2014

Budget and Accounts

  • Approved the accounts for 2012 and noted with pleasure that the 2013 budget is in line with the forecast


  • Approved the process by which the European Management committee members will be elected for the years 2014-2015


  • Agreed on a joint declaration with ERA for TSI based on UIC standards and on agreement with IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in the context of the current standardisation work


The assembly welcomed the Russian Passenger Company (FPC) as a new member.

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From left to right: Hans Ring and Gunnar Malm from Trafikverket, Alberto Mazzola, FS, representing Mauro Moretti, Jean-Michel Danscoine, SNCF, representing Guillaume Pepy, Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, Johann Metzner, DB, representing Rüdiger Grube and Simon Fletcher, UIC