Tuesday 9 July 2013
European Railways

Meeting of European CEOs in Vienna

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Jean-Pierre Loubinoux as UIC Director General was kindly invited to participate in the 2013 edition of the European CEOs meeting held this year in Vienna.

This yearly meeting – bringing together a large number of European CEOs – had a very interesting agenda, with in particular presentations and discussions with Mr Saïd El Khadraoui from the European Parliament on the outcome of the Fourth Railway Package.

This was also followed by presentations delivered by some of the CEOs, and in particular Mr Yakunin (RZD), Mr Pepy (SNCF and UIC Europe Chairman), Mr Moretti (FS and CER Chairman), Mr Grube (DB), Mr Descheemaeker (SNCB) and Mr Žaluda (CD) on the situation and evolution of freight and passenger traffic, and governance in Europe.

In addition there were a number of bilateral discussions, in particular with the new CEO of CP Mr Queiró, of Renfe Mr Gomez, and many of the Central European CEOs.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux on behalf of UIC backed the decision of carrying out a European study, which due to its short timeframe and political scope, will be conducted by CER on rail’s general footprint across European societies, and obviously with the backing and support of UIC experience and databases on all these issues.

Also to be praised is the very warm welcome and hospitality of ÖBB and Christian Kern for the various meetings and receptions.

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01. From left to right: Guillaume Pepy, SNCF, Vladimir Yakunin, RZD and Marc Descheemaeker, SNCB
02. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux (© ÖBB)
03. From left to right: Rüdiger Grube, DB, Mauro Moretti, FS and Peter Žaluda, CD (© ÖBB)