Tuesday 23 July 2013
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Enhanced Rail Safety in Korea

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Recently, Korean mass media has paid attention to the unprecedented safety performances of rail which is one of the safest transport modes, for it is reported that the significant improvement was achieved by a series of safety measures initiated by KORAIL which is also in line with the safety-related activities of UIC.

According to the safety statistics of KORAIL, its accident and incident rates for the first half of 2013 fell by another 7.1% from the corresponding period of the previous year, following an 7.8% annual drop in 2012. It is believed that the main driving factors of the continued enhancement of its safety performance are technology improvement and safety measures taken similar to the UIC’s human factor activities.

Regarding human errors, in particular, it is reported that the rate of non-authorised passing stations where trains should stop and inaccurate train stops at stations was halved after adopting a scientific management system of human errors. In addition, it is expected that the rate would drop further, as the recently inaugurated “Human Safety Centre”, with a focus on ergonomics, is ready to launch active mental health care for rail employees and in-depth research of human errors.

KORAIL added that “As some of the railway accidents are caused by negligence of road users and motorists including trespassing on rail tracks and level crossings, public awareness will help reduce accidents and incidents further.”

KORAIL supports the safety activities led by UIC, and hopes to share its experience with other UIC member countries.

For further information, please contact Vincent Vu, UIC Director of the Institutional Relations Department: vu@uic.org or KORAIL:jswphy@korail.com

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