Tuesday 23 July 2013

GSM-R Conference

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UIC is organising the GSM-R (radio communications system for railways), Asset & Evolution Management Conference in partnership with the GSM-R Industry Group (IG) in Paris, UIC Headquarters, on 10 and 11 September 2013. The conference aims at providing information on GSM-R’s present status, evolution, and strategy for the future, as well as supporting the railways to look at wider opportunities, and promoting the debate at the event and beyond and demonstrating GSM-R technology & applications.

The list of key speakers is as follows:

  • Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, Director General, UIC
  • Isabelle Vandoorne, EC – DG MOVE
  • Marcel Verslype, ERA
  • Begoña Domingo, ERA
  • Hans Bier, ERA
  • Wouter Malfait, ERA
  • Libor Lochman, CER
  • Achim Vrielink, DB Netz
  • Alex Raviart, B-Holding
  • Fabio Senesi, RFI
  • Christian Sagmeister, ÖBB
  • Dirk Schattschneider, UIC
  • Chiel Spaans, UIC
  • Ingo Wendler, UIC
  • Mario Alves, REFERT, UIC
  • Serge Bertrand, ALSTOM, GSM-R IG
  • Jean Michel Evanghelou, Kapsch Karrier Comm
  • Jochen Nowothny, Kapsch Carrier Comm
  • Ecaterina Ganga, NSN
  • Ola Bergman, NSN
  • Ciro de Col, SIEMENS
  • Philippe Branly, Sierra Wireless
  • Markus Myslivec, Frequentis
  • Derel Wust, ARA
  • Trevor Foulkes, HS2
  • Olivier Andre, Alcatel Lucent
  • David Mottier, MERCE
  • Thomas Weilacher (CEPT WG FM)
  • Michel Van Liefferinge, UNISIG
  • The conference will debate targeted subjects such as: Status of GSM-R, Common procurement & support methods, GSM-R support for existing and new applications, Status and technical solutions on interferences to GSM-R, System management & performance monitoring, European routing management, Packet switching for ETCS, Migration to IP challenges, including GSM-R migration, Broadband improvements portfolio, Future railway systems: co-existence & interoperability, what can broadband bring to operations?, security & intrusion, new UIC “FRMCS” Project (Future Railway Mobile Communication Systems).

    Among the participants we are expecting stakeholders from the areas of telecoms, signalling and operation domains, authorities & standardisation bodies, as well as railways & rail transport experts, strategy decision makers, (e.g. EC, ECC, ETSI, 3GPP, Sector) and an international audience.

    The event will include a demonstration of GSM-R Technology & Applications, proving the system maturity, its ease of use and fit for purpose, as well as the very large possibilities for additional applications that can foster railway applications for user satisfaction.
    A suppliers’ exhibition will be arranged at the same time.

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