Tuesday 30 July 2013
UIC Africa / Infrastructure

Seminar on Track Maintenance (Libreville, 11 – 13 September 2013)

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A conference on track maintenance will be held in Libreville, Gabon, from 11 – 13 September, at the kind invitation of SETRAG.

Following the 1st conference held in Tunis on “techniques, costs and norms of maintenance”, the focus of this conference will be on “what impact on railway outputs?”
The aim of the conference, with the support of experts at UIC headquarters, is to ensure that African members benefit from in-depth and recognised study results in the area of infrastructure maintenance whilst taking into account specific regional features in terms of the economy, geography, climate and all the specific constraints related to railway operations in Africa.

Against this backdrop, UIC is particularly pleased to organise this seminar in collaboration with SETRAG and to delegate several of its best advisors and experts on track issues within the UIC Rail System Department, as well as particularly qualified experts, alongside other experts representing railway companies and the supply industry.

More details on the conference and programme will be available in an upcoming issue of UIC eNews.

For further information please contact Laetitia Granger: granger@uic.org

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