Tuesday 8 October 2013
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Korea: Appointment of New President & CEO of KORAIL

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KORAIL announced that Dr. CHOI Yeon-Hye, former professor at Korea National University of Transportation was inaugurated as the new President & CEO of KORAIL on 2 October.

Dr. CHOI earned her doctorate degree (Dr.rer.pol) in management from Mannheim University in Germany. Throughout her career in the railway industry, including her time as the Vice President of KORAIL and the President of Korea National Railroad College, she has actively engaged in the policy development and management of Korean railways.

In her inauguration speech, she emphasised the crucial role that the railway industry plays in the environmental protection and the improvement of people’s lives. She also set out the vision of KORAIL, for the happiness of all which reflects KORAIL’s commitment that it would contribute to the happiness of all people by establishing a strong safety system with advanced technologies, achieving financial soundness, and building mutually beneficial labour-management relations.

She also said that KORAIL would take the lead in promoting mutual cooperation and support within the international railway community, with an aim to achieve the joint prosperity of all UIC members who share the same mission of bringing about the renaissance of railways in the era of globalisation of railways.

UIC expresses its warmest congratulations to Dr. CHOI Yeon-Hye on her appointment as new President & CEO of KORAIL.
KORAIL is playing an important role in the Asia-Pacific Management Committee of UIC.

For further information, please contact KORAIL: jswphy@korail.com

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