Tuesday 29 October 2013
Expertise Development

Expertise Development: SIAFI International training 2013

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The second SIAFI session ended on Friday 25 October with a technical visit to one of SNCF’s maintenance workshops in Paris (Technicentre Sud Est Européen).
During the whole cycle of the training (one week in spring, one in autumn and a team project work in between the two sessions), the 2013 SIAFI cohort had the opportunity to discuss and exchange on various topical issues for railways, such as: safety/security, human resources, interoperability, standardisation & interfaces, railway research, freight issues, passenger issues, sustainable development, etc...
Besides the technical topics, the attendees acquired a set of business skills through dedicated sessions to business model innovation, risk management in international industrial projects and the intercultural issues in international projects.
The SIAFI training is a mix of plenary sessions, workshops, technical visits, team building, group exercises and action learning programmes.
During the first session (27 – 31 May 2013), the participants chose a project and formed multicultural teams. They worked in team project groups, in order to prepare the work and next activities/steps to conduct between the two sessions (June – October), in order to successfully deliver the projects’ results at the second SIAFI session.

The three team project groups selected two topics:

  • (1) Stations in 2023 and
  • (2) Global Network of railway talents – how to attract and retain talents in the railway industry?

The results of the projects will feed into the work of the respective UIC Departments in charge of the two topics: the Passenger Department (newly created think tank group on stations) and the Fundamental Values Department (Expertise Development – TALENT project).

SIAFI is a yearly training session and a newly designed programme has been developed for 2014, as a component of the TALENT project.


For further information and registration, please consult www.uic.org/siafi/

For further information please contact Nathalie Amirault, Head of the UIC Expertise Development Unit: amirault@uic.org

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