Tuesday 25 February 2014
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Czech Republic: appointment of Mr Kurucz as Director General of CD

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On 20 February CD Supervisory Board nominated a new company Board of Directors with Mr Daniel Kurucz at its head. At its first meeting the Board appointed Mr Kurucz Director General of CD.

Shortly after his appointment, Mr Kurucz stated that he would concentrate his efforts towards further development of CD as the national railway operator. The strengthening of the relations with international organisations and other European railways represents a huge support in its activities.

Mr Kurucz graduated from the University of Economy in 1991. He started working for the Logistics Division of Lagermax. From 1997 – 1999 there followed his activities in Fujifilm where he was responsible for creation and supply of the Balkan branches. Then he was nominated Logistics Director, later Production and Operation Director of Carborundum. From 2003 he worked as Director General and Division Director of the Swedish Machinery company Sandvik. In 2008 he finished his MBA study at Technical University in Praha (CVUT) and Sheffield Hallam University.
In February 2011 he was nominated Chief of Special Chemistry Division of Agrofert Holding where he was also member of Holding Board. In May 2013 he joined CD as Executive Director for Operation and Technology; in July 2013 he became member of the Board. From 1 October 2013 up to his nomination last week he held the position of Deputy Director General for Economy and Technology.

UIC expresses its warmest congratulations to Mr Daniel Kurucz on his appointment and conveys its very best wishes.

(Source: CD)

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