Tuesday 4 March 2014
High Speed Rail

UIC Intercity and High Speed technical meeting held in Warsaw on 26 February

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The group is dedicated to the analysis of technical questions regarding the studies being conducted on High Speed issues. It is attended by experts from UIC High Speed members as well as consultants in charge of the studies. The group meets four times a year, led by Michel Leboeuf, Chairman of the Intercity & High Speed Committee and under the coordination of Iñaki Barrón, Director of the UIC Passenger and High Speed Department.

On this occasion, the main discussion focused on the following studies:

  • Extreme natural conditions
  • High Speed and the city (second study)
  • Operations in stations for High Speed services
  • Handbook for upgrading classic lines
  • Optimal speed
  • Methodology for analysis of ideal track characteristics for High Speed lines
  • Analysis of the networks…

Some studies will be followed by workshops, as is the case of the study on Extreme Natural Conditions, which will be completed with an international overview meeting. The workshop will be held on 6 March at UIC HQ, with the aim to exchange on the ways of approaching cross wind issues for high speed operations, by discussing forecast measures, protection strategies and prevention of effects during operation. It will be completed by a second workshop that will take place in Taipei during the 1st UIC Conference on Natural Disasters Management for Railway Systems (14 – 16 May 2014) with Asian experts.

The first study on “HS and the city” was a big success. This first study was based on data from existing stations. The second one will be similar, but based on a benchmark of several stations planned or under construction. The study is on progress and a report will be made at the next Intercity and HS committee.

Some members proposed new studies such as the suggestion by the Railway Institute in Warsaw with the preparation of a train timetables as a guideline for operators. Also, a proposal from DB was made and the comparison of high speed train and plane fares.
The meeting was completed with discussions about the busy agenda of the Intercity & High Speed Committee for the year of the 50th Anniversary of the High Speed in the world: workshop in London, training sessions on HS systems (basic and advanced level), discussion on the high speed strategies for the next 50 years, etc.

Next meetings scheduled are available here:


For further information please contact Inaki Barron: barron@uic.org

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