Tuesday 25 March 2014
Rail Freight / Combined Transport

6th Market Place Seminar to be held next week in Trieste, Italy

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The Market Place Seminar which UIC and FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, are jointly organising, is holding its 6th conference this year in Trieste, Italy, on 2 and 3 April. The previous editions in Prague, Barcelona, Istanbul, Hamburg and Vienna focused on Rail Transport in Eastern Europe, the French-Iberian Rail Link, Rail Transport connecting South-Eastern Europe and the Middle-East, Challenges of Intermodal Hinterland Traffic, and Intercontinental Corridors respectively.

The Market Place Seminar aims to create opportunities for increased cooperation and business development within the rail sector by offering a common platform for railway undertakings, freight forwarders and customers.

The overall topic of this event is “Strategic Interchange between sea and rail freight: What’s new?"

We will also discuss significant topics such as:

  • Trends and developments when connecting sea and rail modes;
  • New Central European Projects and innovative loading technologies;
  • Rail connectivity between hinterland and ports: corridors;
  • Best practice in rail shunting and IT terminal technologies.

The key aim of the seminar is to provide a lively exchange platform for railway undertakings, freight forwarders and customers, and their cooperation with sea carriers. By bringing together all participants of the logistics chain, we would like to create an opportunity to brainstorm effective transport solutions and attractive business opportunities. As in previous years, the conference will be conducted in a highly interactive format.

The seminar, which will take place at Trieste’s Government Palace, will be co-hosted by Fedespedi, Federazione Nazionale Delle Imprese Di Spedizioni Internazionali. The social event will be organised on 2 April and a visit of the port will take place after the conference on 3 April.

As we are keen to use this event to bring together business people from both Asia and Europe, we would like to inform you that simultaneous interpreting will be provided into and out of Russian, English and Italian.

You can find detailed information on this seminar regarding the venue, accommodation, registration as well as the latest version of the seminar programme on our website www.marketplaceseminar.org.

  • Mrs. Maria Grazia Santoro (on behalf of the Government of the Friuli Venezia Giuliaregion)
  • Mr. Roberto Cosolini (Mayor of Trieste)
  • Mr. Mauro Moretti (CEO FSI – Trenitalia)
  • Mrs. Debora Serracchiani (Governor of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region)
  • Mr. Francesco Parisi (Fiata President)
  • Mr. Ivan Petrov (Chairman of the Fiata WGRail - Co-chairman UIC/FIATA Contact Group)
  • Mrs. Marie Anne Menguy (SNCF – Co-chairlady UIC/FIATA Contact Group)
  • Mr. Piero Lazzeri (Fedespedi President)
  • FSI: Mr. Mario Castaldo
  • RCI/RCA: Mr. Roberto Castelnovo
  • Cemat: Mr. Gian Luigi Tacelli
  • Captrain: Mr. Mauro Pessano
  • Hupac: Mr. Alberto Grisone
  • Marcegaglia: Mr. Mario Leoni
  • U.N. Ro-Ro Isletmeleri A.S.: Mr. Sedat Gumusoglu
  • Central European new Projects and innovative loading technologies
  • Adria Kombi SLO: Mr. Rok Svetek
  • Metrans Danubia SLK: Mr. Kiss
  • Duslo Sala/Chemlog: Mr. Jaroslav Cermak
  • DHL Estonia: Mr. Claudio Richardson
  • CLECAT: Mrs. Nicolette van der Jagt
  • UIRR: Mr. Ralf-Charley Schultze
  • Unione Interporti Riuniti: Mr. Alessandro Ricci
  • RFI: Mr. Andrea Galluzzi
  • Rail Traction Company: Mr. Harald Schmittner
  • Fercargo: Mr. Giacomo Di Patrizi
  • Inrail: Mr. Guido Porta
  • Assoferr: Mr. Guido Nicolini
  • Hub telematica: Mr. Giorgio Cavo
  • DBA Lab: Mr. Riccardo Gajo
  • Fretless Idea: Mr. Paolo Righetti
  • Savona Port Authority: Mrs. Rossana Varna

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