Tuesday 25 March 2014
Expertise Development

Save the Date! Training on Railway Security to be held in Rabat (ONCF Training Centre, 19 – 31 May 2014)

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As part of the implementation of the 2013 action plan for the UIC African Region chaired by Mr Mohamed Rabie Khlie, Chief Executive of ONCF, the initiative to create specific training on railway security is a result of the new medium-term strategy entitled “Revitalisation of Railways in Africa – objective 2040” to support, through concrete actions, African railways in their process of upgrading and development. Special attention has been given to the aspect of “Security” which constitutes one of the undeniable strengths of rail transport, if not the key to its competitiveness and durability to serve the sustainable mobility of goods and services.

Following the successful 1st training session on railway security held within the UIC Africa Region in Rabat last year (rated more than 90% satisfactory), the UIC, in cooperation with ONCF is happy to open the registration for the 2014 cohort which will be able to participate in the 12 courses, three technical conferences given by UIC experts and three on-site technical visits in Morocco.

The programme will be the occasion for the participants to improve their knowledge in security and safety matters as well as to benchmark their local experience and create an international network due to the participation of railway experts within the world.

To register, please contact Mr Chandid: chandid@oncf.ma or Mr Belarbi: belarbi@oncf.ma

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