Tuesday 6 May 2014
High Speed Rail

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High speed rail is not only a technical subject, but encompasses a complex reality involving various technical aspects such as infrastructure, rolling stock and operations and cross-sector issues such as financial, commercial, managerial, strategic and training aspects, each at its highest level.

The high speed rail system combines these various elements using highly sophisticated technology. This rapidly expanding new transport mode is often described as the transport mode of the future for a number of reasons. As well as improving rail services, promoting the modern image they seek to convey and yielding greater customer satisfaction, high speed trains also play a key role in the structuring of territories and helping to create socio-economically balanced societies at world level.

This highly efficient transport mode makes significant demands in terms of investment, technology, industry, the environment and its political and social aspects, and media coverage of these various aspects is often unbalanced. This misinformation affects public opinion as well as technical staff and decision-makers.

It is in this context and in an often tense economic, political and social climate in some countries that managers must take what are in some cases historic decisions regarding transport in general and rail transport in particular.

In order to meet the many requests from its members and with their cooperation for comprehensive and unbiased information on the subject, UIC is staging a training session on high speed systems in 2014. This 10th edition of the Training on High Speed Systems, basic level (THSS-1) will be held in the last week of May, from 26 to 31 and, in keeping with tradition, will consist of five full days of lectures completed by a technical visit. The content of the lectures will give a global and complete overview on the High Speed world, analysing all the elements involved in a High Speed system and its implementation process. More details at this link:


For further information please contact Inaki Barron: barron@uic.org

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