Tuesday 28 October 2014
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United Kingdom: Eurostar reports continuing year on year growth as it gears up for its 20th anniversary

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Just weeks before its 20th anniversary on 14 November, Eurostar, the high speed rail service between the UK and mainland Europe reported on 21 October 2014 continuing year-on-year growth to 30 September 2014.

Future growth and transformation with the launch of new routes

With demand from passengers for cross-channel high speed rail services at an all-time high, Eurostar is now set for further expansion of its services at it extends its reach into Europe. Beyond its core routes of Paris, Brussels and Lille, Eurostar serves a range of destinations including the French Alps, the Swiss Alps, and Geneva.

The start of the year-round Provence service in May 2015 will then be followed in 2016 by the launch of a direct service from London to the heart of Amsterdam with stops in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Centraal. The London-Amsterdam route is the largest international airline market in Europe attracting over 3 million business and leisure passengers. The arrival of a direct high speed rail service will provide passengers with an attractive, convenient alternative to the airlines.

New Eurostar e320 train to be unveiled at St Pancras International on 13 November 2014 marking Eurostar’s 20th birthday

To meet the demand from customers for travel beyond its existing destinations, Eurostar is significantly upgrading its fleet so that it can expand further into Europe delivering unrivalled comfort, style and service for customers. With the production of the new e320 trains progressing well Eurostar will be unveiling the e320 on Thursday 13 November at St Pancras International – a year before the trains are due to enter commercial service and on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the service.

Carrying 900 passengers, these Eurostar e320 trains will boost capacity per train by 20% and will be capable of a speed of 320 kph (200 mph). With the interiors and external livery designed by Pininfarina, the world famous Italian design house renowned for its iconic car designs, the design boasts a range of innovative features which will create an outstanding travel experience for customers.

Nicolas Petrovic, Chief Executive Eurostar, said:

“In addition to investing in its new fleet, Eurostar is making significant investment in its stations, service and digital channels, aimed at equipping the business for future expansion and transforming the travel experience for customers”.

The stylish new ticket offices at St Pancras, the upgrading of business lounges and the extensive refurbishment of both Lille and Paris Nord stations underpin the transformation of Eurostar’s services as the business enhances its offering and expands its reach into Europe.

(Source: Eurostar)

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