Thursday 13 November 2014
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United Kingdom: Better rail services on the way for Bristol

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Network Rail is doubling the railway lines between the city’s two main stations meaning passengers and businesses in Bristol are set to benefit from an increase in train and freight services, reduced journey times and a better travelling experience.

Demand for rail travel into Bristol continues to increase and is set to rise by half in less than a decade.

To help meet this demand, the company is increasing the number of lines between Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway stations from two to four through Stapleton Road and Lawrence Hill, resulting in an increase in train services and reduced journey times.

The extra lines will also allow more freight services, contributing to economic growth in the region by helping businesses to move more goods, more efficiently by rail.

Filton Four Tracks

Known as the Filton Four Tracks project, the work, which starts in December 2014, forms part of our Great Western route modernisation programme to modernise and transform the Great Western main line from London Paddington through to Swansea.


Under a separate programme of work, electrification will transform the railway between London and Oxford, Newbury, Bristol and Cardiff to deliver a faster, greener, quieter and more reliable railway with extra capacity.

(Source: Network Rail)

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