Wednesday 19 November 2014
Rail Security / World Congress

10th UIC Security World Congress to be held in Lisbon

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UIC is pleased to organise the 10th Edition of the UIC World Security Congress taking place from 26 – 28 November in Lisbon, Portugal, at Tiara Park Atlantic Lisboa.

The 10th Edition of the UIC World Security Congress is organised by UIC in close partnership with the Portuguese rail companies REFER, EPE e CP Comboios de Portugal.

Following the three previous editions that were mainly dedicated to the transverse topics within rail security:

  • “Technologies” in Rome in 2011 organised in partnership with FS group,
  • "Human factors” in Bratislava in 2012 organised in partnership with ZSSK,
  • “Strategies, regulations and partnerships” at Paris UIC HQ organised in partnership with SNCF;
  • This 10th edition will focus on the concept of “comprehensive rail system protection” which consists of two main topics:
  • Coherence between the rail protection policies addressing safety, security, and other hazards or risks (civil
    defence, civil protection, natural disasters and other disruptions).
  • Resilience of the rail systems or services: crisis management and communication.

Referring to technical progress in the railways, the need for land planning in our countries, economic aspects, etc., is of particular importance in the context of a security congress, as our purpose is to prepare for rail’s future by protecting its current operation as well as its prospects for development.

Every railway company and every UIC region defines its strategy in the short, medium and long-term, but implementing these prospects requires our systems to be protected, both:

  • Against the risks and defects of internal operations
  • Against external risks such as extreme climatic conditions and geo-physical events
  • Against external threats due to malicious intent or harmful behaviour.

The speakers and attendees will debate subjects such as:

  • Rail Security Information, Structure and Actors ( the national and international dimension)
  • Rail Comprehensive Protection - Security Coherence and Resilience.
  • Security events impacting the rail system (in terms of operations, economics and reputation)
  • Rail Comprehensive Protection
    • Security events impacting the rail system
    • The political dimension
    • From the Concept to a Model?

Attendees will participate in an Emergency/Rail Security exercise at a Lisbon
railway station in conjunction with the Portuguese National Public Police (PSP) & CP Comboios de Portugal with the support of REFER, EPE, during the Congress, as well as technical visits afterwards.

This 10th Edition of the Global Rail Security Congress will be particularly important due to the themes addressed and also with regard to the European framework developments on EU Internal Security Strategy for 2015-2020.

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