Tuesday 25 November 2014
Rail Freight / Logistics

Presentations and photos of UIC / FIATA Market Place Seminar held in Trieste now available on DVD!

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The Market Place Seminar, which UIC and FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, organised, held its 6th conference in Trieste, Italy, from 2 – 3 April 2014. The Market Place Seminar aims to create opportunities for increased cooperation and business development within the rail sector by offering a common platform for railway undertakings, freight forwarders and customers.

The seminar took place at the Government’s Palace, and was co-hosted by Fedespedi: over 170 participants attended the event.

The overall topic of this event was “Strategic Interchange between sea and rail freight: What’s new?"

Through the Market Place Seminar, UIC is working with all stakeholders (railways, logistics operators, international organisations, national administrative authorities…) to encourage the creation of partnerships between all these stakeholders involved in intermodal transport, including shipping companies, ports, terminals, etc. and ensure that these international, multimodal corridors become a reality.

This event was followed by the GRFC, the 4th UIC Global Rail Freight Conference, another unique occasion to look at the future outlook of global rail freight and the advantages to be expected from the development of global seamless transport chains.

These intermodal partnerships established with all these stakeholders in the areas of shipping, intermodal transport and industry also constitute a strong element in all the Regional Strategic Visions for the railways that UIC has recently developed.

The key aim of the seminar is to provide a lively exchange platform for railway undertakings, freight forwarders and customers, and their cooperation with sea carriers. By bringing together all participants of the logistics chain, we would like to create an opportunity to brainstorm effective transport solutions and attractive business opportunities.

The significant topics addressed were:

  • Trends and developments when connecting sea and rail modes;
  • New Central European Projects and innovative loading technologies;
  • Rail connectivity between hinterland and ports: corridors;
  • Best practice in rail shunting and IT terminal technologies.

The Market Place Seminar CD ROM contains all the photos of the two-day conference, the Golden Chariot awards and the technical visit,
the presentations and sessions covered, biographies of the speakers, as well as all the press releases and information regarding the sponsors.

The CD ROM is available free of charge on request by contacting decossart@uic.org

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