Tuesday 2 December 2014
European Conferences

RISEE Conference, 24 – 25 November 2014, Budapest

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The RISEE Conference, held in Budapest from 24 – 25 November, was dedicated to the future of rail in this region of Europe.

Among the many speakers Mr Loubinoux was invited to deliver a keynote speech in front of the members and stakeholders, during which he highlighted the importance of the region for the future of freight development in Europe as well as between Europe and the eastern markets.

He also highlighted the need to develop the strong promotion of rail vis-à-vis the decision makers – whether politicians or financial institutions – to bring evidence of the concrete benefits of rail for societies and economies.

He also highlighted the four “Is” (the drivers) – that is access to Infrastructure, to Innovation, to Information, to Digitalisation and also to the other modes of transport in terms of intermodal complementarity, which is probably a better driver so far than intermodal competition.

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M. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux(M. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
M. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
M. Miklos Kopp(M. Miklos Kopp
M. Miklos Kopp