Tuesday 20 January 2015
UIC HQ Appointments

New Appointments at UIC HQ

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UIC Director General Jean-Pierre Loubinoux announced several appointments of Directors to lead the Departments at UIC Headquarters in Paris, with effect from 1 January:

-  Board of Directors – Three appointments were announced concerning the Board of Directors:

• Miklos KOPP, previously Director of the Freight Department, was appointed Director in charge of the Development of East-West Relations, directly at Jean-Pierre Loubinoux’s side;
• Hans Günther KERSTEN, who was the Director in charge of the Rail System Department, was appointed new Freight Director;
• Marc ANTONI, who had already partly been working for UIC’s Rail System Department as Senior Advisor, has become the new Director of the Rail System Department.

-  Communications Department:
. Marie PLAUD, Senior Advisor within the UIC Communications Department, was appointed Deputy Director of Communications – working with Paul VERON, Director – and will assist Jean-Pierre Loubinoux as Coordinator for the North American Region.

The UIC Director General said: “These appointments of skilled professionals demonstrate the motivation of both our members involved at high level in the UIC organisation, as well as the dedication of talented UIC staff at the service of our association’s members.”

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