Tuesday 24 February 2015
International Corridors

UIC Questionnaire

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Dear colleagues,

As you know, one of UIC’s priority areas is the coherent development of international rail transport corridors. We would like to discuss with you ideas and solutions about how to improve rail services and conditions to bring business to the railways, with our cooperation within the framework of the next UIC Global Team of Experts for the Development of the International Transport Corridors (GTE) meeting, which will be held on 17 March 2015, Clarion Congress Hotel Prague, Freyova 33, CZ - 190 00, Prague 9 – Vysočany, Czech Republic.

The meeting will focus on the requirements in the harmonisation of standards and rules, corridor management, CIM/SMGS consignment note issues and potential, legal harmonisation, market obstacles and potential, bottlenecks in infrastructure and operations, cooperation gaps between railways, UIC study work, and further work plan of the group.

We would like to ask you to help us define the most significant issues in rail business on the East – West corridors, on which we can concentrate and work together with members and partner organisations. We have prepared the questionnaire with the issues we discussed in our previous meetings. Please complete the questionnaire at the link below http://www.uic.org/spip.php?article3368 before 1 March. The results of the questionnaire and the outcome will be communicated to you and discussed at the next GTE meeting.

For all matters related to the meeting organisation and the questionnaire, please contact the secretary of the GTE Roman Rebets: rebets@uic.org

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