Tuesday 24 February 2015
UIC Asia Pacific / Expertise Development

UIC Workshop on Training Simulators for Locomotive Crews (17 – 18 February 2015, Moscow)

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The UIC Workshop on Training Simulators for Locomotive Crews, which was initiated by RZD in the frame of the Asia-Pacific Assembly, took place from 17 – 18 February 2015 in Moscow.

The event was attended by over 30 representatives of railway companies and specialist research centres from 15 countries – Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, France, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Georgia, as well as UIC.

During the seminar the existing and future development, training and experience in the use of simulators for locomotive crews were considered.

On the basis of reports, comments on them and the outcome of the discussion, the participants drew the conclusion that the new innovative method of locomotive crew education is one of the most important areas for railway companies and education centres which helps to increase safety on railway transport.

The technical visit included looking at several of RZD’s centres with regard to Training Simulators for Locomotive Crews:

-  Corporate Centre for Personnel Training Development – the new and modern education centre on Moscow Railroad for Locomotive Crews with Training Simulators and classes where the last innovative technologies of education are used.
-  Scientific Clinical Centre of RZD – multi-profile medical, scientific and educational institution where science examines train drivers on physical and psychological reactions during their work.

Participants and experts of the UIC Workshop on Training Simulators for Locomotive Crews agreed on the importance of continuing workshops like these to establish best practice and recommendations on this topic.

For further information please contact Roman Rebets: rebets@uic.org or Nathalie Amirault: amirault@uic.org

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