Tuesday 17 March 2015

2nd e-ticketing workshop, 21 – 22 May, Utrecht

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Just think: how long since you last travelled with a traditional train ticket? What percentage of the tickets your company sells is printed? What percentage is sold by internet? What are the options technology offers for paperless ticketing? How many traditional paper tickets will be sold in 2020? And in 2050? We cannot predict the future, but we know the future is e-ticketing, and e-ticketing is already here.

E-ticketing is not only a technical, legal or commercial subject. It is a part of a complex reality in which many different agents are involved and interlinked. Technology has made the world change; also travelling by train is being changed by technology. The task is to develop new systems of ticketing in order to reduce costs and meet customer expectations. In a world where time is the worthiest value, railway companies from all over the world are working to develop new systems that allow passengers to travel faster, safer and in a more comfortable way. In this regard, railway companies develop coherent solutions of ticket inspection procedures according to the e-ticketing systems they are using, and try to achieve a balanced result.

Ticketing, multimodality and interoperability in a global world raise practical questions every day, and railway companies face the task of combining technology and customer oriented policies to provide a better and up-to-date service to travellers, who benefit from these policies, making travelling overall easier. Railway companies and consultancies from all over the world are searching for an optimal solution to make travelling by train more attractive in every possible way. UIC and the CIT are offering a possibility to learn about the subject from a technical and a practical perspective. If you want to know what is going on, join us in Utrecht.


• Provide a vision of the current e-ticketing world from a legal, a commercial and a technical point of view;
• Get up-to-date with the major sector initiatives in e-ticketing
• Learn about new technologies that will significantly impact your ticketing strategies
• Understand the legal and regulatory pressures on e-ticketing and how to manage them
• Review the benefits of standards in e-ticketing
• Work together with other experts on resolving key e-ticketing issues

Target audience:

• Managers, experts, decision-makers in e-ticketing from legal, commercial and technical departments.
• Ticket vendors, railway companies, consultancies

Speakers: Speakers are experts in their fields who come from different railway undertakings, ticket vendor companies or railway organisations and work daily in this field to improve the competitiveness of their companies or to offer new products that can be successfully implemented in the market.

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