Tuesday 26 May 2015
UIC Asia Pacific

UIC Asia-Pacific Workshop on Productivity Increase with Heavier and Longer Trains

Saint-Petersburg, 20 – 22 May 2015

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The UIC Workshop on Productivity Increase with Heavier and Longer Trains within the framework of the UIC Asia-Pacific Regional Assembly strategic action plan was held in Saint-Petersburg (Russian Federation) from 20 – 22 May 2015. Originally scheduled to take place in Indonesia with the Indonesian Railways, it was finally initiated and organised by JSC Russian Railways.

The event was attended by over 40 representatives of railway companies, transport administrations, wagon building plants, transport universities and research institutes from Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Sweden, France and Australia.

Development perspectives of heavy haul transport across regions, infrastructure maintenance issues connected with it, special rolling stock construction, and technical innovation in heavy haul technologies, advantages and economic effects were discussed during the workshop.

The participants noted that the organisation of heavy haul transport is vital for the increase of railway carrying capacity, cost-cutting transport expenses for consignors and improving competitiveness in railway transport.

On the basis of reports, comments and the final discussion, participants worked out the final recommendations to be included in the next edition of the UIC Asia-Pacific strategic action plan, including the continuation of the work in the UIC framework on the organisation of joint events with the participation of all interested parties, in order to share the experience in the field of heavier, longer and faster rail transport development in different UIC regions. For the development of this traffic, complex measures should be undertaken in the different fields of the rail system. Those final recommendations are being finalised and will be made public before mid-June.

This workshop will be aired and re-run on UIC Asia-Pacific TV from 15 June 2015.

For further information please contact Vincent Vu: vu@uic.org

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