Tuesday 8 September 2015

22,000 migrants carried in over 100 trains

Deutsche Bahn backs authorities by operating special trains and deploying extra staff

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Over the last few days, Deutsche Bahn has made every effort to ensure that migrants have been transported in complete safety to reception centres established across the German territory. Thanks to DB’s efforts, over 22,000 refugees have been able to cross the German border in over 100 trains to reach their destination.

Deutsche Bahn CEO and Chairman Rüdiger Grube, said: “It is clear that DB should make every effort to help these men and women who are in urgent need. Traffic control staff in the reception centres and ICE workshops have been working under pressure to add extra trains and incorporate them into the timetable. I would particularly like to thank all staff at DB as well as the large number of volunteers in all stations across Germany.” He added “At DB there are already staff from over 100 countries working together, fostering everyday integration.”

DB has continued regular journeys in ICE or InterCity trains as well as a number of special trains serving Munich, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Saalfeld, Eisenhüttenstadt and a number of other German cities.

Hundreds of DB staff, various authorities and numerous volunteers were on hand in the stations to welcome the refugees.

(Source: DB)

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