Tuesday 8 September 2015
Environment / Sustainable Development

Energy Efficiencies and Carbon Strategies at the railway fair EXPO 2015

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The 5th International Fair of Railway Equipment and Technologies EXPO 1520 was held from 2 – 5 September at the Experimental Ring of JSC Russian Railway Research Institute (VNIIZhT) in Shcherbinka, Moscow.

EXPO 1520 is a biennial show featuring an exhibition and a bespoke conference which explores all major aspects of rolling stock manufacturing and operation. The railway fair features the latest developments in railway equipment, technology, infrastructure, services and logistics. EXPO 1520 brings together all major stakeholders namely manufacturers, users, suppliers and regulating bodies. It is the only international rolling stock exhibition in the 1520 gauge wide track space.

The highest standards of organisation, the active participation of international companies, and the event’s dimension and a unique position in the 1520 space all ensured that the railway fair was attended by senior level government officials, heads of relevant ministries and executives of leading European companies as honorary guests and delegates.

The exhibition showcased the all-new rolling stock and railway equipment produced in Russia, CIS and EU. Live presentations of locomotives and railway cars make EXPO 1520 a unique place enabling manufacturers to spotlight their rolling stock in front of the users, experts and media. There was also the Dynamic Exposition parade of railway equipment. The 3000-plus visitors were able to see more than 20 full-scale models of rail stock equipment in action.

One of the most relevant train models presented in the parade was the compressed natural gas locomotive GT1h-002. This locomotive has no analogues in the world running on compressed natural gas, a fuel that meets the highest world environmental standards. The GT1h-002 not only makes for improved traction, but also reduced consumption of power and diesel fuel and lower levels of harmful emissions.

In this context, on 3 September, Gabriel Castañares Hernández, UIC Senior Advisor in Energy and CO2, presented the experience of the energy data collection and sustainability reporting at UIC during the round table organised by RZD: “Environment Protection, Power Efficiency and Energy”. The round table, moderated by Boris Ivanov, first Deputy Head of the Department of Technical Policy of RZD, included the presentations of 10 participants from different fields connected to environment and sustainability in rail.

During this round table, UIC highlighted the relevancy of the Environmental Strategy Reporting System, introducing the latest performance of RZD and the European rail sector, presenting the strategy and targets for middle and long term, and the next “Train To Paris” campaign to show our main stakeholders the advantages of railways in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability and the low carbon advantages of modal shift to rail.

For further information please contact Gabriel Castañares Hernández castanares@uic.org

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