Tuesday 3 November 2015
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Abu Dhabi: Etihad Rail launches inaugural Flag Day competition on social media

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On 20 October 2015 Etihad Rail, the developer and operator of the UAE’s national railway network, launched its first ever social media competition celebrating UAE Flag Day.

The Etihad Rail Flag Day competition invites participants to get creative with designing the exterior of the Etihad Rail train in themes inspired by the spirit of the UAE and the celebration of Flag Day.

Etihad Rail has shared an outline template of the train on its website www.etihadrail.ae/ERFlagDay which can be downloaded and used for the competition. Three winning designs will be chosen by a panel of Etihad Rail judges and will be eligible for attractive prizes.

For more details about the competition, please visit www.etihadrail.ae/ERFlagDay

(Source: Etihad Rail)

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