Tuesday 17 November 2015
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Finland: Finnish Transport Agency launches new website

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The new website of the Finnish Transport Agency was launched on 29 October. As a result of the reform, the website now offers information about the Agency’s key services in a clearer and more visual manner than before.

“The guideline behind the reform was clarity and ease of use, especially on mobile devices. More than 30% of the traffic on the website already comes from people using mobile devices and tablet computers. We have brought the Finnish Transport Agency up to the year 2015 on the Internet,” said Communications Manager Juha Stjärnstedt.

The content structure of the old website, which served the Agency well, was enhanced, and opportunities for a more visual method of presentation were built into the content. Links to content most searched by visitors, such as our Traffic Situation service, are clearly in view. The reform of the website began with a survey aimed at users, the results of which helped steer the planning of concepts and emphasis for the website. Dozens of Agency employees took part in content production.

We hope that our newly published website will serve its users, citizens interested in traffic, traffic professionals and other stakeholders even better than before. Work to improve the content of the online service will continue after publication, and we value all feedback provided by users.

The technical implementation of the website was carried out by Arcusys Oy. The layout for the website was designed by Solid Angle, and Vapa Media Oy created guidelines for reforming the content.

Since the website was designed especially for mobile use, we advise using the latest versions of browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, IE 10 and 11. Internet Explorer 8 does not display elements on the site precisely as desired.

(Source: FTA)

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