Tuesday 17 November 2015
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Germany: DB launches digitisation competition and free wireless local area network (WLAN) on the Interregio-Express (IRE) railway service

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Deutsche Bahn has launched a competition, the “DB train think tank” (DB BAHN Ideenschmiede).

The competition with the headline “Your digital travel partner of the future – let’s create tomorrow’s way of travelling together” runs until 3 December, and invites registered users on the platform www.bahn.de/ideenschmiede to submit and discuss suggestions for improving train services. The users select the 30 best ideas before a DB expert jury selects three winners who receive an invitation to the DB “d.lab” in Frankfurt as well as a BahnCard 100 worth EUR 4,090. DB aims to develop the three best ideas into prototypes and to realise at least one of the ideas.

The think tank is supposed to continue to be used for the development of new products and services together with the customer. The DB’s digitisation initiative was welcomed by German transport minister Alexander Dorbrindt at a press conference in Berlin. However, he underlined the importance of providing access to mobile and internet reception at all train stations and on all trains.

In addition to the competition, DB is working on another 260 projects for the digitisation of its portfolio. This includes the recently introduced ICE entertainment portal on long-distance trains as well as free wireless local area network (WLAN) access for all passengers on the Interregio-Express (IRE) train between Berlin and Hamburg.

(Source: Deutsche Bahn AG)

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