Tuesday 17 November 2015
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Russia: Trans-Siberian-China transit-container transportation increased 89% in nine months

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This was announced on 12 November 2015 in Vienna, Austria, by President of JSC Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, speaking at the 24th plenary meeting of the Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation (CCTT).
According to him, the volume of transit goods on the Trans-Siberian Railway to and from China increased 98% by the end of 2014 and amounted to 55,000 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit). In the first nine months of this year it grew 89% over the same period last year. In total, 66,000 TEU is transported on this route.

Mr Belozerov said that to enhance the competitiveness of container traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway, tariff regulations have been adopted. In particular, in 2014, at the initiative of the CCTT, the rate for transportation of cargo in 40-foot containers in container trains to and from China through the Brest border crossing fell 42%. These conditions have been maintained in 2015.

In addition, in order to ensure a balance of JSC Russian Railways cargo flows for 2015 on the railway route China-Europe-China, there are now special tariffs for the transit of 20-foot containers in container trains.
For example, the rate for the transportation of a loaded 20-foot container to and from China in the area Krasnoe-Kanisai amounted to CHF 288 instead of 576.

“Providing a substantial discount (factor of 0.7) to the tariff for sending single containerized cargo towards the Grodekovo–Suifenhe border crossing was the start of transit-container transportation from the northern provinces of China through the port to southeast China and Japan”, said Mr Belozerov.

According to him, due to the formation of the strategy of complete container trains and the creation of favourable conditions for their promotion, transit container cargoes along the Trans-Siberian Railway in 2014 rose to 131 000 TEU, which is seven times more than in 2009.

As part of the activities of CCTT in addition to operating regular container services between China and Europe (Chengdu-Lodz, Suzhou-Warsaw, Chongqing-Duisburg, Zhengzho-Hamburg, Wuhan-Pardubice), a new container service between China and Spain has been organized (Yiwu-Madrid).
Since September 2015, the United Transport and Logistics Company has organised container-train shipments from Yingkou Port in China to Moscow.

The Trans-Siberian in 7 Days project of the Russian Railways holding company has developed a new transport product, the Baikal Shuttle, to transport Japanese and Korean cargo from the port of Yokohama to Moscow.

(Source: RZD)

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