Tuesday 16 February 2016
Expertise Development

Railway Talent Ambassadors

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Dear Colleagues and Railway Talents,

We are inviting you to join the Railway Talent Ambassadors Programme.
As you know Railway Talents is a project run with the aim of fostering international collaboration and promoting careers in the railway sector to new talents. We have been running the Railway Talent portal since 2014 and you can read more about us here: www.railtalent.org

The Railway Talent Ambassadors programme aims to support the Railway Talents project by creating a pool of enthusiastic and energetic rail professionals who will act as representatives of the Railway Talent projects in their companies, local communities and geographical regions.

Who are the Railway Talent Ambassadors?

Railway Talent Ambassadors are people involved in the railway sector who are passionate about promoting railway careers, research, education and training to various audiences. The Ambassadors represent all ages, backgrounds and employers, and are either:

  • Rail professionals
  • Rail academics
  • Rail enthusiasts

What do Railway Talent Ambassadors do?

Railway Talent Ambassadors actively promote the Railway Talent project to their colleagues at local and international level by being involved in a wide spectrum of activities. The Ambassadors showcase how diverse and multidisciplinary the railway industry is. They share their enthusiasm for the railway sector when they:

  • Attend and contribute to Railway Talent events at local and international level by helping with organisation, facilitating sessions and sharing experience (e.g. registration and café workshops at the Railway Talent launch event)
  • Contribute to the Railway Talent portal by generating news and sharing updates (news, articles, events, interviews, Career Sheets, etc.)
  • Encourage rail colleagues to share their career stories by completing Rail Career Sheets
  • Disseminate information about Railway Talents, rail events and projects by using internal communication with work colleagues (e.g. internal newsletters);
  • Act as local representatives for the Railway Talent project in their countries and regions (e.g. point of contact for news, updates, etc.);
  • Suggest ideas and new initiatives for the network

Why become a Railway Talent Ambassador?

There are many reasons why you might want to become a Railway Talent Ambassador, such as:

  • Share your passion for rail
  • Network with other rail professionals
  • Keep up-to-date with local and international rail news and updates
  • Take advantage of opportunities for skills upgrade beyond one’s own company
  • Showcase multidisciplinary and transferable skills needed in the railways
  • Inspire new generations of talents to join the railway industry

If you are interested in becoming a Railway Talent Ambassador please contact us at www.railtalent.org before 29 February 2016.

For further information and registration please visit:



Or contact Nathalie Amirault, Head of the Expertise Development Division: amirault@uic.org

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