Tuesday 15 March 2016
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Finland: The Finnish Transport Agency’s strategy focuses on enabling the creation of new services and the use of digitalisation

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The Finnish Transport Agency’s strategy has been updated based on the current Government Programme and the policies of the administrative branch. The specified strategic goals of the Finnish Transport Agency are derived from the group strategy for the administrative branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The Agency’s vision 2025 “Smart routes and intelligent traffic – for you” remains unchanged.

The four updated strategic goals are:

  • Renewed ecosystem for mobility and transport
  • Reliable digital services and greater operational efficiency
  • Services based on a well-functioning and safe infrastructure
  • Skilled professionals and an innovative organisational culture

“This update brings the Finnish Transport Agency’s strategy in line with that of the administrative branch. The enabling role of the FTA in particular is seen as something new: The Finnish Transport Agency in a role where it enables the creation of new services”, said Development Director Sinikka Hartonen, who is responsible for the strategy process.

The improved energy efficiency in traffic and the piloting to promote traffic automation play an important role.

An active dialogue between the private and public sector is also emphasised.

“The Finnish Transport Agency has a very large customer base. Our target groups comprise business life as well as private citizens. Lately, the dialogue with the different target groups has been further activated. In autumn, more than 650 different companies responded to our enquiry concerning the repair needs of the transport infrastructure. This material has been utilised for example when the maintenance backlog objects were selected. An active dialogue will tell us what our customers need”, said Antti Vehviläinen, Director General of the Finnish Transport Agency.

The basis for everything is a well-functioning and safe transport infrastructure, i.e. the roads, railway network and fairways for which the Finnish Transport Agency is responsible. The use of digitalisation is playing an increasingly prominent role in all the activities of the Finnish Transport Agency.

“It is involved in the whole lifecycle from planning to infrastructure management. For the railways, for example, digitalisation opens up wholly new opportunities”, said Antti Vehviläinen.

The updated goals pose a challenge also for the personnel. Therefore the Finnish Transport Agency depends on skilled people and an innovative company culture. The Finnish Transport Agency encourages a culture of experimentation to promote a flexible development of new procedures and services.

(Source: FTA)

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