Tuesday 22 March 2016
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Saudi Arabia: H.E. Dr. Rumaih Mohammed Al-Rumaih appointed new President of Saudi Railway Organization SRO

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H.E. Dr. Rumaih Mohammed Al-Rumaih has been appointed new President of the Saudi Railwys Organization (SRO) succeeding H.E. Eng. Mohmmed Khalid Al-Suwaiket.

The new President of the SRO has a MBA in Finance from the University of Leicester (UK) and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder (USA). He worked in both the Government and private sector, including aviation and rail transport. Dr. Rumaih worked in Education and Research and held many senior roles in the development of policies and strategies within the Government transport sector as well as within the private transport sector.

Prior to joining SRO, he was the CEO of SAR, another Saudi Arabian Railway Company, which operates the North South Rail Project. This project (2,400 km) currently consists in transporting phosphates from the Al-Jalamid Mine in the North East of the country and Bauxite from Al Baith Mine in the Al-Qassim Province to the new port city of Ras Al Khair.

Last August, the Council of Ministers also appointed Dr. Rumaih as a member of the Board of the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA) for a period of 3 years.

Dr. Al-Rumaih, as the President of the Saudi Railways Organization and the Acting Governor ofthe Saudi Railways Commission will guide the SRO and the Railways in the Kingdom to the next exciting phase. He will soon oversee the opening of the Harramain High Speed Project and in a few years to come the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Railways Project with a total route length of 2,177 km (663 km within Saudi Arabia) which will link all the GCC countries with freight and passenger rail services.

Dr. Al-Rumaih will also lead the development and acceleration of the Saudi National Railways Strategic Master Plan 2016 to 2030. The plan is expected to see future railway growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 25 different lines covering 15,000 km of new railways and tracks.

H.E. Dr. Al-Rumaih is determined to play an important and active role at global level as SRO is an active member of UIC (member of the Executive Board and General Assembly).
Dr. Rumaih will also occupy the position of Vice Chairman of the UIC Regional Assembly for the Middle-East (RAME) from his predecessor as SRO President.

UIC , on behalf of the international railway community, conveys warmest congratulations to H.E. Dr. Al-Rumaih on his appointment as the new SRO President and looks forward to welcoming him very soon at the occasion of the 17th Regional Assembly Middle-East in Turkey and UIC’ 88th General Assembly in Rome

(source: Saudi Railways Organization SRO)

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H.E. The President, Dr. Rumaih Mohammed Al-Rumaih, President of The Saudi Railways Organization (SRO) & Acting Governor of The Saudi Railways Commission (SRC)