Tuesday 12 April 2016
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FISAIC expands its activities to other countries

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The International Association for Culture and Leisure of Railway Staff (FISAIC) gladly welcomes new members to its large family and is expanding itsexisting membership base. This statement was announced by the General President of the FISAIC, Mr Guy Gieres, at the meeting of the Presidents of the International Technical Commissions.

The meeting took place from 31 March – 2 April 2016 in Ceska Trebova (CZ) in the presence of eight Presidents of the International Technical Commissions and an international guest from Latvia. Now Latvia is one of the countries (along with Spain and Greece) ready to participate in international activities of the FISAIC. An autumn exibition of the Model Railway group in Riga, in cooperation with the Museum LDZ (Latvian Historical Railway Museum), can be a shining example of such a partnership. It is obvious that FISAIC can look forward to numerous interesting projects for the near future.

FISAIC was founded in 1952 and since then has been fulfilling the main task of promoting the cultural and leisure activities of railway staff. It currently consists of 25 member countries, which organise several international events each year presenting the work of the FISAIC members. Such events are usually appreciated by a wide audience, proving the fact that the national railway companies employ many talented people who successfully represent them at international level.

For further information please visit www.fisaic.org

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