Tuesday 12 April 2016
Sustainable Development

Number of visits to EcoPassenger website has quadrupled

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The UIC EcoPassenger website, which was re-launched last November, has received four times the number of visits since the updating process in comparison to the website’s previous statistics.

The figures provided by the website’s tracking system show a strong increase following the implementation of new functionalities which analysed the visits over the last year. The website receives over 4,000 visits per month and displays over 23,000 pages.

The main factor contributing to this increase is the possibility of implementing a widget on other websites, which extends the possibility of performing calculations with EcoPassenger and shows the relevance of personal choices in energy consumption, carbon emissions and local air pollution.
The addresses required to implement the widgets can be found below in the various languages:

In addition, the new EcoPassenger version has improved usability for smart phones and tablets with a new mobile version completely compatible with all operative systems.

UIC invites you to check the emissions of your trips at www.ecopassenger.org

For further information please contact Aymeric Boniou, Webmaster: boniou@uic.org

UIC Communications Department: com@uic.org

Gabriel Castañares Hernández, Senior Advisor on Energy and CO2: castanares@uic.org

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