Tuesday 3 May 2016

Commuter and regional train systems working group meeting

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The Commuter and Regional Train Systems working group held its latest meeting in Bydgoszcz, Poland. It was kindly hosted by the Polish Chamber of Manufacturers of Equipment and Services for Railways, and organised by Mr Bartlomiej Buczek, Chairman of the group.

The group is currently preparing a study on the carriage of bicycles by train within this type of railway system. The initial results from the different companies that have participated in this study were discussed. Given the high level of participation and the importance of this subject, together with the possibilities that it offers in a multimodal context, it was decided to continue working in this field.

A possible collaboration with the International Agency of Energy was also on the agenda. In addition, the date was set for the first training session on Commuter and Regional Systems. It will take place from 27 to 29 September 2016 in Rome. The programme and the potential speakers were also discussed during the meeting.
On the second day, there was a technical visit to PESA, the Polish railway manufacturer, where the latest developments in railway manufacturing were shown to visitors. Finally, the meeting ended with a visit to Bydgoszcz station, one of the most modern stations in Poland.

It was decided that the next meeting would be held in Rome, immediately before the training session. It will kindly be hosted by TRENITALIA on 26 September 2016.

For further information please contact Luis Casado Presa: casado@uic.org

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